Intels New Vaunt Smart Glasses

Intel has learned from Google’s mistakes and is working on a new pair of smartglasses called simply “Vaunt”. Unlike Google Glass, they don’t look like something ripped off a Borgs head. This is because the glasses are not camera-focused but instead notification-focused.

Given how many times we currently take our phones out of our pockets to simply check simple instant messaging updates and other brief notifications, having discreet notifications displayed in our glasses seems like a very efficient and user-friendly solution for processing updates and notifications.

Compatibility with both Android and iOS are to be expected along with other more stylish frames. Overall, we are quite intrigued.

Check out Verge’s inside hands-on look at the Vaunt:

What do you think? Do you want notifications in your peripheral? Do they look better than Google Glass? Would you buy a pair? Sound off below!