Vuzix Pushes The Envelope For Augmented Reality Headsets

Among the best AR glasses available for you to purchase in the market, Vuzix M300 AR glasses have received a lot of attention.

With the unique features, they have been able to take the traditional AR glasses to the next level.

Due to the unique features available, many people consider these to be the next generation of AR glasses as well.

Hence, it is worth taking a deeper look and exploring the features that are getting press attention and understand what you will be able to get out of them in the long run.

What are Vuzix M300 AR glasses?

Vuzix M300 AR glasses is a smart glass. It can provide you with a realistic and a hands free experience of the digital world.

In other words, you will be able to receive unprecedented access to data and information collection.

These smart glasses are ideal for both personal use as well as industrial use. Hence, they are called as the next generation of smart glasses available for your purchase in the market.

Design Overview of Vuzix M300

In the Vuzix M300 AR glasses, you will be able to discover an ergonomic design. In fact, it is slimmer when compared to the heavy duty glasses that are available for your purchase in the market.

Due to the black colored ruggedized design, they have a mature look as well. You will notice that the overall design of Vuzix M300 AR glasses are more business focused when compared to regular glasses.

It is also important to leave a note on durability of Vuzix M300 AR glasses when talking about the design.

These AR glasses are resistant to water, dirt and dust. As a result, you will be able to use them for an extended duration of time.

Wearing these glasses will not be a difficult thing to do as well. You can either wear them with a safety helmet or without a safety helmet.

Features and Specifications of Vuzix M300s

Before exploring the features of Vuzix M300 AR glasses, it is important to keep in mind that these are pretty much industrial glasses. In other words, they are designed for enterprise operations, such as logistics, manufacturing, retail, medical and industrial applications.

As you already know, the industrial applications have complex requirements. These glasses are in a position to accommodate accordingly to those complex requirements.

In addition, Vuzix M300 AR glasses can also be used in the construction and warehouse sites to make the life easy.

In the Vuzix M300 AR glasses, you will be able to discover a high quality camera. This camera can be used to capture photos with first person point of view. This can provide a lot of benefits in the commercial applications.

For example, the insurance agents, who analyze the damage if a vehicle accident will be able to capture first person photos. This can provide an excellent assistance towards processing the insurance claim in the long run.

The durability and adaptability offered by Vuzix M300 AR glasses is impressive.

In other words, it has the ability to adapt quickly according to many different applications. Therefore, people who wear the smart glasses will not have to put any manual efforts on their own to ensure adaptability.

Vuzix M300 AR glasses has an in-built memory. The storage capacity of the AR glasses is 64GB. This is more than enough for the people who use these AR glasses to record videos, take photos and store other useful information.

In addition, the in-built memory can help the users with managing QR codes and scanning data as well.

These AR glasses provide both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to the users. As a user, it is possible for you to search the internet and interact with the software in real time.

The connectivity options are streamlined to deliver a smoother experience to you. Vuzix M300 AR glasses is compatible in pairing along with both iOS and Android devices.

The voice control, touch pad and head tracking capabilities offered by Vuzix M300 AR glasses are outstanding. You will be able to use both voice commands and touch commands to interact with the AR glasses.

Additionally, 3D0F head tracking provides 360 degrees of freedom to you. It can effectively track the rotations of the head and provide people with a more realistic experience at the end of the day.

All the functionalities of Vuzix M300 AR glasses are controlled through a dedicated app. This app is extremely easy to use and you can quickly learn how to take control over the glasses with it.

The SmartglassesHQ Final Word

If you are planning to make industrial work easy, you need to think about purchasing Vuzix M300 AR glasses, which are based upon the latest available technologies. They can deliver effective and efficient results to the industrial applications.