Weon Glasses by Ion Eyewear: A Less Nerdy Alternative To Google Glass

Finally, A Pair of Smart Glasses That Don’t Scream “Hey Everyone, I’m a Virgin!

Of the seven major smart glasses on the market today, Ion Eyewear offer the most practicality at the most economical price in their Weon Glasses. Instead something out of a cyborg sci-fi movie, the glasses look as normal as any pair of regular eye glasses or sun glasses. Before the glasses even launched, Mashable.com was quoted as saying that the glasses were a “stylish alternative to Google Glass”. Everyone knows Mashable is cool, so these glasses must be legit right? At under $100 for each model, Ion Eyewear has developed a product that costs almost $200 less than the next price up in the smart glass competition, which is pretty cool indeed.

What are Weon Glasses?

Weon Glasses are smart glasses, but not in the “traditionally” sense of the word. Actually, they are more like smart frames. What this means is that the frames are, in short, a wearable computer. This wearable computer connects via Bluetooth to any iOS or Android phone. Through this connection, the user can:

  • Track a lost phone
  • Control a smartphone
  • Take pictures
  • See notifications of calendar reminders and incoming messages; and
  • Play music, slides, and more


Instead of words or images that flash across your line of sight, as is the case with other smart glasses, Weon Glasses flash notification lights via a tiny LED on the inside of the glasses. The user can customize the colors of the various notification lights based on user preferences. In the same area inside the glasses, the user can control a smartphone. Through a tiny button in the upper right inside of the glasses, a user can take photos, send text messages, and play audio via the phone. This remote control feature would come in handy in situations when a phone is connected to a laptop or other viewing device. Having quick, discreet control of smartphone capabilities is the core strength of Weon Glasses.


Who’s Behind Weon Glasses?

Co-founders Santiago Ambit and Ricardo Urías are behind the Weon Glasses smart glass technology. Together, they founded Ion Eyewear, raising money on Indiegogo.com last year for funding for the glasses. Based in Barcelona, Spain, Ion Eyewear raised more than its stated goal of $60,000 for the product and launched it in February of this year. Users can read more about the company at www.ionglasses.com or www.weonglasses.com.

Just Another Pair of Smart Glasses, Or Are They?

Ion Eyewear says it is not out to compete with other smart glass products. Co-founder Santiago Ambit says that the Weon Glasses competition isn’t other smart glasses, but instead regular glasses. When shopping for glasses, he says, a buyer can choose between Weon Glasses, which are wearable technology that look nearly identical to regular glasses, or plain glasses with no technological capability. The Weon Glasses even offer the user the option to turn off all technological functions if they should want to wear them as regular glasses. Since they are priced similarly (regular glasses and Weon Glasses), why wouldn’t you choose the ones with more capabilities?

How Much Do They Cost?

So if they are similar in pricing to similar glasses, how much do they actually cost? With a price tag of $349, competitively priced smart glasses maker GlassUp doesn’t even come close to competing with the price of Weon Glasses. GlassUp also doesn’t offer some of the most compelling features of Weon Glasses such as:

  • Week-long battery life
  • Interactive capabilities (GlassUp is read-only)
  • Prescription sun glass, eyeglass, or plain, no-prescription model
  • The look of normal glasses
  • Customizability
  • Phone tracking
  • Lightweight, durable titanium frame

Other smart glasses range in price from $500 to $800, on up to the mac daddy Google Glass, with a price tag of $1,500. Now, how smart would a smart glasses wearer look sporting around a pair of $1,500 eye glasses? Some have hinted their price is a contributing factor to Google Glass wearers being referred to as Glassholes. Weon doesn’t have to worry about this.

Furthermore, excluding Google Glass, most smart glasses on the market now aren’t designed to be worn as prescription glasses, but instead over glasses or without glasses at all. This means a clunky device hanging off your face OR a sleek device that leaves you partially blind.  Weon on the other hand offer just a frame, made out of durable and flexible plastic titanium, around which a user can have any prescription or non-prescription glasses or sunglasses fitted. Besides the comfort factor of not having to wear two pair of glasses, what good is smart technology if you can’t see what the technology has to offer?

Weon Glasses Are The Perfect Transition To Full Augmented Reality

Ion Smart Glasses are a practical transition step from regular glasses to wearable technology, specifically augmented reality. Rather than jumping from vanilla straight to double-chocolate, i.e traditional glasses to wearing a full-scale computer, users have access to the lightweight, simple design of real “wearable technology”. With just enough features to satisfy tech cravings but without the distraction of words and pictures flashing across the wearer’s field of vision like AR glasses, the user has full access to all the functions of the smartphone, without the smartphone screen scrolling through the line of sight. Perhaps this is the perfect introductory balance. Although notifications are just one of its many functions, the notification lights are subtle but noticeable in the corner of the glasses.

Subtle, unique, informational and most importantly “cool”, SmartglassesHQ can’t wait to get their hands on a pair of Weon Glasses to give you the full user experience review. With its smart price tag and intelligent design, Weon Glasses by Ion Eyewear are currently the smartest alternative to Google Glass or Vuzix M100s in smart glass technology.