WordPress For Google Glass: The Best Thing In Blogging Since The Pen?

Blogging With Smartglasses: The Future Of Live Blogging

Public relations firm Weber Shandwick has utilized the Google Glasses developer kit as well as WordPresses API access to create the first official blogging app for Google glass, called, rather uncreatively, “wpForGlass” app. While it seems the folks over at Shandwick could do for a good boost of creativity, this app is groundbreaking in its implications for future bloggers and commentators on live events such as apple product launches.

Currently, either an expensive digital camera with wi-fi or bluetooth capabilities has to be set up, or a correspondent will have to hold their smartphone up for minutes, sometimes hours on end to record an event as it happens. Then, after recording the video or audio file has to be uploaded to the journalists CMS or Content Management System of choice. WpForGlass cuts this process down substantially.

However, WpForGlass lacks one huge function, and that is the ability to record via voice command. This seems to be an obvious and glaring deficiency in a glass app designed for live blogging. What are journalists supposed to do, record the event on their smart glasses whilst simultaneously typing out a story on a traditional laptop? Fret not, Ozzy Farman, Weber Shandwick‘s Senior Vice President of innovation says a voice command function is currently in development and he’s hoping it will be ready by the time Google Glass is released to the public.

With voice command functions this may be an earth-shaking app, something ridiculously practical and another way smart glasses is pushing the frontier of wearable technology.

Check out the video for more details: